The moon has sharp teeth. We're Downtown again in that bar.  The city of "so far its been too soon to tell". That lonely junkie in us, claws.  The band sets up.  Oh no! I don’t mind you.  We wave the bartender over and she pours us a story neat.  Someone yells, "A nickle or a pickle."  Willie , she’s got a boyfriend! He don't care and keeps at it. This Boulevard roars of pretty eyes and crooked pastimes.  The music starts and everyone settles in, ordering another beer barely done with the first.  Don’t forget to be grateful Baby! Make an effort everyday, you’re alive sweetheart!! Willie leave her alone, she ain't the one and she'll be the first to tell ya!  You’re alive!!!!!! The band lays it out and has everyone's chin bouncing up on bar stool mountain.  A white crane flies over Los Angeles alone and glowing, last call in 20.  The moon wears a black hat.



Corey Adams