Sean Rosenthal is the curator, inventor and main-man behind the Kings Inn, the Home and the mobile host of the best roots music shows in Southern California.  Moonsville has been there from the beginning and feel honored to be an active part of this machine and family.  There are always rooms in the Inn.  The Kings Inn is this:

It's a Credence. you'll see from your corner spot.

The stanza and the solo, the limelight combo

The songs here are medicine.

Its no normal circus,

no slow-motions promenade.

The deserted run the show.

Offering are the tired minds,

the limping good and the tattooed throats.

Bartender please, stray hearts sing.

Its all a bullet to the chest.

A penny in the pot gets your prime rooftop,

pool chalk and gumbo.


From a vision to the heart

to the brain, to the hand,

to the paper, to the brain,

to the hand, to the tongue,

to you sittin’ in your corner spot.

The zigzagging sweat moves easy like a trolley car.

It’s a hearty party undone forever.

It’s the rough and tumble

It’s the high and humble

It’s the dig deep down, it’s the elevated nod,

It’s the mud from the moat,

it’s the drawbridge.

It’s the King’s Inn.

The songs inside are medicine.

It’s a Credence. 



Corey Adams