This is a video of some of us from MC and Timmy from his band Bobby London.  We recorded it for  We're playing an old song called, "Hesitation Blues".

It's not too often you encounter a man like Timmy Hill.  He's the mellow fellow behind the piano, the lanky that takey his whiskey neat, it's as if he swallowed old New Orleans whole and it's seeping it's seeping, everything from his top shelf proficiency on mainly all instruments, to his true Blues demeanor.  He's got a midnight heart and his poetry reads right with no cream or sugar.  He's a driver by day, transporting purple hearts, veterans, the lonely and the joy filled, the pissed and the blessed, the ones who share their stories and the ones who let the air talk. Timmy handles em all, this gamut is a basket he carries, some days it's light and some days it just seems too heavy.  He's a Good timer, a charmer when he wants to be, a good friend, a man who's not afraid to cast his line solo, he pockets a soul compass, Hidden, not afraid to say no, never afraid to say yes, he dodges obligatory anythings and he'll boom your socks off when he plays.  Some men are kissed on the brain by God and given a mind full of music, those men really have no choice do they? -  -RW

Corey Adams