A GOOD READ.  Woody's spirit was a busted dam. He flooded the world with songs, poetry, letters and doodles.  He was radically obsessed with the road and the track, with the stopping in and the bouncing out.  Woody was a dedicated wanderer and a Goodtimer which often bore turbulent fruit, nonetheless his writing never stopped.  An observer of the highest form, Woody put all he saw, felt and heard onto paper.  He was a man swept up by language, he played with it like a toy; he colored it, sang it, flipped it, questioned it, swapped it, cut it, dipped it in dirt and put a candle up to it and then left it out for us to play with.  A couple of our favorite Woody songs are, "Pastures of Plenty" and "Deportees"    -RW

Corey Adams