Moonsville Postcard #2

The night was an angry drunk, unpredictable and lightning, it was moving strange, the train windows were frozen. With a shaking hand, pouring cream into her steaming coffee, she took a deep breathe as he began humming the song, the song he always hummed to rest his heart.  She knew it well, it was a lighthouse.



Seth & Dobro Dan Richardson, the father and son duo in our band, share in a family heirloom, a cabin that perches over the Merced river.  The run-down, vacant building in the picture below is a rock's throw away from that perch.  Although empty, it's history is pregnant.  Like a miner sifts for gold, a storyteller also lets the dull slide away and pockets the shiny.  The tale of this old Hotel differs depending on the teller, sometimes varying versions get combined, turned hybrid, exaggerated and shuffled but one piece of the story never changes: Her worried song.